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Wade Dixon - Auto Broker - Colorado

Wade Dixon

Private Auto Broker

“Wade is able to help his clients choose the best lease options; he is not forced into any boxes imposed by traditional dealerships.”


What I Do

Looking for a new car… or even a great, reliable, late-model used vehicle?  You’ve come to the right place!

Whether it’s a luxury sportscar, a rugged SUV, a roomy sedan, or even a gas-sipping compact, the right
deal FOR YOU is out there. And with more than two decades of professional car-buying experience at
your disposal, you’re sure to find your “wheel deal” when you put me to work for you!

I’m Wade Dixon, a Private auto broker, and I don’t bring the resources of one or two dealerships to your car buying experience… I bring the resources of every dealership… and those key years of experience… to work FOR YOU.

I can help you with every single step of the car buying process, from deciding on the perfect vehicle, to
finding and financing your dream car, to knocking out the paperwork that’s part of every automotive purchase or lease.

The result is that you’ll find the perfect car, on the fastest timeline, and at the best possible price and terms.

Why?  Because I don’t work for the dealerships (though my dealer colleagues do like to work with me).  I work FOR YOU.

How I Work

Evaluating a Trade-In or a Lease Buy-out

My experience as an ASE-certified automotive technician gives me a superior ability to truly evaluate your trade… helping you avoid disappointment and maximizing your value.

And I’m not tied to one source… I can put your trade out for bids – like an auction!

We are in interesting times - and navigating a Lease Buy out can be stressful.  Most leasing agreements include an estimated buyout price in the contract. However, keep in mind that there is usually a chance to negotiate an even better deal - and I have the experience to get you the best offer.

Shopping for YOUR Car

Unlike a salesperson at a single dealership, I have access to every car made. That puts me in the enviable position of starting from your preferences, doing all the research and legwork from the ground up, and finding and taking advantage of “hot bargain” deals. They’re out there. I can find them. 

Any make; Any model.

Financing or Leasing

Another difference between my service and that of a dealership is that I have access to far more financing and leasing options.

There are 38 different manufacturers who each have their own financing offers, and
I can put you on the inside track for any of them. And I can also survey more than a hundred banks and credit unions & manufacturer-sponsored lenders.  My goal is to find the best financing for your particular situation.

Simplifying the Transaction

All that paperwork and hassle?

Say goodbye to it! I do all the paperwork, title work, temporary registration, and tags… ALL the “running around,” so my clients don’t have to.

What do you do? Sign
and drive. It’s that simple!


Frequently Asked


Who is an Auto Broker?

A private car broker is a professional who manages the process of buying or selling a new or used vehicle on behalf of their client. This includes finding the desired vehicle, negotiating the price, delivering the final paperwork, and helping coordinate financing, if necessary.

Requirements of an Auto Broker?

  • Make sure the broker is licensed, bonded, and insured to legally sell cars in their state
  • Look for feedback from customers about their experiences with the broker 
  • See how long the broker has been in business
  • Inquire about how the broker finds the deals
  • Verify the broker is independent of a big dealership (potential conflict of interest)

Can Auto Brokers help with new AND used vehicles?

Yes!  Car brokers are professional car buyers, and they know how car dealerships work and do business. Car brokers understand almost every factor and variable that can affect a car deal - often overlooked is in the used car side - but Wade has access to bank and credit union repos, as well as fresh off-lease cars and trucks.

How does pricing work?

Many times the fee is based on what type of car you're buying and whether it is a new or used model. Some types of used cars and rare/specialty cars will generally carry a higher percentage fee since it takes more research and legwork to locate a good deal. 

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